BBQ Packs for Friday's or Saturday's


Fri 05 Apr 2024 3:30PM — Sat 06 Apr 2024 5:00PM

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Are you wanting to have a BBQ on either a Friday or Saturday night down at the club you can now pre-order online and cook either the Friday or Saturday Evening. 

BBQ  packs must be ordered prior to 12pm the thursday of the weekended you are wanting to cook your own BBQ.

You must supply everything else and clean up after yourself.

Cost $18.00 per pack and there is 3 options to choose from

Meat Pack
               - 3 x BBQ beef sausages
               - 2 x hamburgers
               - 3 x beef kebabs


Chicken pack
              - 1 stuffed breast
- 4 marinated skewers
- 4 chicken and chive sausages


Vegetarian Pack
               - 4 marinated mushroom skewers
- Pack of 2 veggie burgers
- 2 stuffed mushrooms

All packs are Gluten Free


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