Safety Policy Statement

Chelsea Yacht Club is committed to managing safety at all levels of our club’s activities through the use of an integrated safety management system. To this end it is our goal to uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet national and international standards. It is the Club’s policy to:

*         Continuously improve safety through a process of eliminating and minimising risk associated with club operations to an acceptable level of safety. In doing so the Club will actively apply management of change processes.

*         Promote effective safety communication throughout the Club and encourage active safety reporting of all safety related events by all Club members, visitors and employees.

*         Clearly define the responsibilities of the Club’s management and the club members, volunteers, and employees.

*         Identify, define and appoint the key safety roles within the Club, starting with the Club President who is the Accountable Officer for the organisation.

*         Ensure that there are adequate resources available in terms of people, equipment, information and processes to enable the Club to achieve its safety objectives. To this end the Club will provide the necessary training in safety policies and procedures at all levels within the Club.

*         Ensure that all third-party suppliers share and promote the same safety objectives and culture as Chelsea Yacht Club.

*         Make all Chelsea Yacht Club members, registered guests, visitors, volunteers and employees responsible for maintaining a safe work environment through embracing a “Just Culture” that promotes trust through confidential safety reporting and impartial safety investigation while acknowledging the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable member, volunteer and employee behaviour.

*         Ensure that the safety management system is functioning correctly through regular safety audits.


      This Safety Policy is approved by the Club Committee


      Stephen Fankhauser

      Club President

      20th May 2024

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